I was born in Bremen with Portuguese/German roots (best of both worlds).
After my studies in computer science at TU-Darmstadt, I extended my stay and did my Ph.D. thesis at Prof. Bernt Schiele's Group Multimodal Interactive Systems. During that time I was affiliated to the interdisciplinary graduate school Topology of Technology, which brought together students from various disciplines. After finishing my PhD I joined the Max-Planck Institute - Computer Vision and Multimodal Computing as postdoctoral researcher. My interest in innovation led me as asenior researcher at AGT (R&D) Group, one of the fastest-growing security and public safety solutions organizations in the world. During that time, I was responsible for prototype and business case development for product innovation. Following my interest in mobile and wearable technology, I am now senior research fellow at ETH Z├╝rich at the Wearable Computing Lab, where I can combine my research interests and innovation thinking.


Some professional profiles on the web:

Max Planck Institute. Computer Vision and Multimodal Computing

Fraunhofer IPSI

TU-Darmstadt. Graduate School Topology of Technology

TU Darmstadt. Multimodal Interactive Systems (redirected)

My top three leisure activities are probably photography, travelling, and biking. And in the future sailing - hey, I got my boat license now. Depending on the stress level, those three might be replaced by a single activity, which is sleeping.

More details are available in my CV.
careerBremenCruzOr contact me by email: mail @ ulfblanke . de


Ulf Blanke